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Advanced Manufacturing Processes

What would you like to produce quickly and economically?

Vacuum Casting
Limited series plastic parts in thermoplastic similar materials and wax mouldings for producing metal castings.

Low Melting Point Alloys
Low Melting Point Alloys and Applications.

Metal Part Casting
Limited series metal parts in diecast quality.

EP Tooling Resins
Quality injection tools in just a few days.

Sheet Metal Tooling
Limited series sheet metal forming tooling in days.

Scott AM is an experienced company in the field of rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing. It has customers in the field of vacuum casting, metal casting, resin tooling materials and low melting point alloys. Scott AM understands and offers perfect processing solutions and an excellent understanding of know-how gathered from experience in supplying national and international customers. As an equipment supplier for fast and exact prototype manufacturing, we offer solutions for practically any application and supply the entire process of Vacuum Casting including in house training. This knowledge was acquired under the previous company setups and names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH, MTT Technologies GmbH and Renishaw Plc. The company structure is focused on further developing innovative processes and quality.

Scott AM the Full Service Supplier offers the widest range of machines, mould making and casting materials, tools and accessories, complete customer training - worldwide. Scott AM Tooling and Casting Technologies guarantee by far the quickest return on investment.