Scott AM Low Melting Point Alloys

ProductSolidus Liquidus (°C)Specific gravity (g / cm3)Brinell hardnessGrowth in % afterProperties
(see individual data sheets for full technical specifications)
2 min.10 days
ScottAM47479,3614,5 / 16,5-0,20+0,20Lens blocking of optical plastic lenses: Proof casting: Fusible safety devises.
ScottAM58589,2314,0 / 16,5-0,10+0,75Lens blocking of optical silicate lenses: Proof casting: Safety devises.
ScottAM70709,6713,0 / 14,5-0,15+6,35Radiation Shielding: Tube bending: Work piece holding and supporting.
ScottAM96969,8513,5 / 15,5-1,60+7,80Fusible Core applications.
ScottAM12412410,7314,0 / 15,0-1,25+2,85Work piece supporting.
ScottAM1381388,5823,0 / 23,0-0,30+0,80Fusible Core applications. Sheet metal tooling.
ScottAM1501508,2124,0 / 23,5-0,20+1,15Casting moulds for plastic and wax Injection.
ScottAM2001997,2724,5 / 21,50-2,25Casting moulds for plastic and wax Injection.
non eutectic
9,3823,5 / 25,5-1,15+5,10Alloy used for casting and producing figurines.

The information in this data sheet is intended as a guide to material selection. It is recommended that the user carries out trials to ascertain suitability for any intended application. Scott AM Ltd believes that this information is accurate and reliable, but no representation, guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, is made to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information.

Last update: 22/04/2020

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