Scott AM Vacuum Casting Machines

The 3-D printing process is truly the most advanced technology for realizing components quickly! When requiring multiples and parts in other colours and materials, the Scott AM Vacuum Casting Process can help enormously to produce any number of parts, in any colour and in any type of material. Scott AM offers 14 materials, certified: UL94 VO and Material with FDA requirements and all RAL colours.

Scott AM Vacuum Casting Machines are unique and can be utilised for at least 6 different applications

  • Vacuum casting of perfect plastic prototype parts in as many 14 different Scott AM thermoplastic similar materials and colour
  • Can be quickly converted to melt and cast exact wax parts for producing perfect metal parts in any type of metal
  • Vario Pressure can be applied to mix and cast highly viscous materials in silicone to produce elastic , stretchable parts in silicone tooling
  • Fusibile or Lost Core Technology to produce internally undercut mouldings
  • Cast metal touch and feel parts using vacuum with Scott AM low melting point alloys
  • Cast ceramic mouldings under vacuum for perfect void free parts

Scott AM 1000

  • Casting Chamber Size (HxWxD):
    500 mm x 450 mm x 425 mm
  • Max. Capacity of Mould. Material:
    1000 g

Scott AM 4000

  • Casting Chamber Size (HxWxD):
    750 mm x 900 mm x 750 mm
  • Max. Capacity of Mould. Material:
    5000 g

The Answer to High-Viscocity Mixing

The Scott AM Mixer is a new technical innovation which both mixes and de-aerates silicone mould and resin materials for the Scott AM Vacuum Casting Process. The Silicomat frees the Vacuum Casting Machine to do it's primary function – casting and producing prototype components.

The Mixer is specifically designed to mix and de-aerate and is more than a combination of hand mixing and then de-aerating in the vacuuum casting chamber.

Some important advantages of the Mixer are:

  • three times quicker than with usual, traditional methods
  • no idle time for the Vacuum Casting Machine
  • no manual mixing
  • thorough mixing of both silicone and catalyst
  • mixes large quantities of silicone quicker
  • user friendly controls
  • less wast, mixes silicone in original containers
  • completely portable unit
  • NEW: Degasing and mixing of Scott AM EP Tooling Resin


  • Dimension Housing (HxWxD): 1090 mm x 550 mm x 900 mm
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Volt Hz: 550 / 240 V, 50Hz
  • PH: 1
  • Amps: 11
  • Torque: 84 nm
  • Max Drum Size *: DIA 315 x 410
  • Control System: PLC with Touch Pad Screen
  • Standard Drum Size: DIA 300 x 360
  • Speed at 50 Hz: 26.31

Scott AM the Full Service Supplier offers the widest range of machines, mould making and casting materials, tools and accessories, complete customer training - worldwide. Scott AM Tooling and Casting Technologies guarantee by far the quickest return on investment.