EP Tooling Resins

Quality Injection Tools in just a few days with ScottAM EP Tooling Resins

New methods of Rapid Tooling such as ScottAM EP tooling resins show that moulds can be achieved quicker and at a much lower cost. Decisive is a tooling material which is easy to use and which will produce tooling to fulfil all the requirements of injection moulding.

With ScottAM EP tooling resins, a material has been develpoped which fulfils all these requirements completely.

ScottAM tooling resin makes possible the manufacture of quick, economically acceptable injection moulds and quality parts. Well tried applications for ScottAM EP tooling resins include:

  • Large and small injections moulds
  • Blow moulds
  • Wax injections moulds
  • Press moulds
  • Shoe sole injections moulds

Examples for EP Tooling Resins

Processing EP Tooling Resin

Day One

Use models in any materials. Fit metal inserts if required.
Fix casting frame and cooling pipes. Cast EP tooling resin. Degas.

Day Two

Fix upper casting frame. Cast EP tooling resin. Degas again.

Day Three

Remove the casting frame.

Heat cure the mould in the oven.

Completed injection tool.

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